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The Owners of The Villa Mariana: Why Costa Rica?

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Reflecting on a vacation to Manuel Antonio, the co-owner and manager of The Villa Mariana shares her "Why?" when it comes to buying a property in Costa Rica.

As a world traveler, I’m fascinated by different environments and cultures. I’m happiest among nature and water and I love seeing how the ecosystems work in different places throughout the globe.

Some of this love for travel and nature percolates down into the reason that Kyle and I chose to purchase a vacation home in Costa Rica. We have been to 33 countries, and many of them mutliple times. What we found in Costa Rica was absolutley magical to us; a place prized for its pristine rainforest and abundant wildlife.

A Vacation in Costa Rica

One day in 2014 while on vacation in Manuel Antonio, we decided to spend a day looking at homes that were for sale. We informed our real estate agent that we were not in the market for a vacation home, but were simply curious. We looked at four homes, one of them being The Villa Mariana. Wow. The combination of a modern, glass house in the jungle with the surrounding lush nature and beautiful wildlife was stunning. We couldn't believe our eyes as we walked through the property for the first time. Rainbow-coloured macaw flyovers, transient sloths lurking in the trees, toucans fluttering over our heads and a huge group of indigenous Titi monkeys joyfully playing around the pool. These were just a few of the surprises that awaited us.

“I will own this house one day.”

Quote by Kyle Moss

After that vacation, we returned to Texas. The Villa Mariana was still on our minds, but we were back to reality, busy schedules and the daily rat race. About four months went by and we turned on the television one evening to watch one of our favorite tv shows, House Hunters International. This one happened to be filmed in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. The couple's budget was similar to what we would choose, so we were anxiously watching to see the homes that would be in our price range. The third home was The Villa Mariana! The thrill and excitement was intense and Kyle was on the phone the next morning with the realtor. Obviously, the couple in the tv show did not choose The Villa Mariana, so it was still up for grabs!

We did it!

After a one-week stay at The Villa Mariana, we decided to go all in. Kyle and I purchased the property and the rest is history. We truly are living our "Pura Vida."

Rocky Moss is the co-owner of The Villa Mariana in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica and manages all aspects of the vacation property. Follow Rocky and her husband, Kyle, throughout their adventures @RockyleAdventures on Instagram and read more about them at About The Owners.

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