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Chef Ana

Allow us to introduce you to our talented and experienced private chef at The Villa Mariana, Chef Ana. With a passion for culinary excellence and a wealth of expertise, Chef Ana brings a delightful array of flavors and skills to our guests' dining experiences. Having dedicated herself to honing her craft, Ana embarked on a culinary journey by studying at the esteemed National Chef Association for over three years. Additionally, she furthered her expertise by undertaking grilling courses at a renowned local culinary training school.

Chef Ana's illustrious career has seen her working at numerous private homes and esteemed restaurants in the Manuel Antonio area. Impressively, she even had the opportunity to run her own restaurant, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and culinary creativity. Ana's remarkable loyalty shines through her extensive tenure as a private chef, having dedicated eight years to one vacation home and seven years to another. Her commitment to her craft and ability to cultivate lasting relationships with clients speak volumes about her professionalism and dedication.

When Chef Ana isn't delighting guests with her culinary masterpieces, she cherishes spending quality time with her grown children and young grandchildren. Her love for family fuels her desire to create memorable dining experiences that bring people together, nourishing both body and soul. With her warm and welcoming nature, Chef Ana effortlessly blends her passion for food and family, creating an inviting atmosphere for guests at The Villa Mariana.

Whether she's crafting delectable meals inspired by local ingredients or infusing international flavors into her dishes, Chef Ana's culinary prowess will undoubtedly leave guests with a lasting impression. Her years of experience, unwavering commitment, and genuine love for her craft make her an invaluable asset to The Villa Mariana, ensuring that every meal is a truly remarkable experience for all who have the pleasure of dining with her.

Chef Ana at The Villa Mariana in Costa Rica


Cost of food is extra. Chef Ana will go shopping for the food based on the meal requested and she will give the receipts to the guests every couple of days. Guests may reimburse the chef in US dollars or CR colones.

For larger groups of 10 or more guests, we require a $250 chef's assistant fee.

Many other chefs in the area charge $150-$200 per meal. Our chef is included!

Outside chefs are not allowed on the property.

Guests determine the chef's full day off during a 7-night stay (which must be Sunday through Friday).

The chef does not purchase groceries outside of the menu ordered for a meal. If you need additional groceries, our concierge can pre-stock the house for you based on your needs.

To be considerate of the chef's time, there are cut-off times to order meals: Breakfast) no later than 8pm the night before; Lunch) no later than 9am the day of; Dinner) no later than 2pm the day of.

How much will it cost our group to have the chef? How do I pay the chef for the supermarket bills? Can the chef accommodate allergies or food sensitivities?

Find out more on our FAQ page.

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