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Get Ready to Rumble: A Guide to the Epic Fiestas de Zapote Festival!

Fireworks during Fiestas de Zapote Festival in Costa Rica

Fiestas de Zapote is an annual festival celebrated in Costa Rica, specifically in the district of Zapote, located in the eastern part of San Jose. It is located approximately 170 km from The Villa Mariana, which is a three hour drive. The festival typically takes place during the Christmas and New Year holidays, usually starting on December 25th and lasting until early January.

Fiestas de Zapote is known for its various traditional activities, including bullfighting, horse parades, rodeos, and carnival rides. One of the most popular events during the festival is the "tope," which is a horse parade featuring beautifully decorated horses and riders in traditional costumes. Another highlight is the "corrida de toros," which is a bullfighting event where young men participate in a dangerous game of skill and bravery, trying to touch or jump over a bull.

The festival attracts thousands of locals and tourists every year, and it is considered an essential part of Costa Rican culture. In addition to the traditional activities, there are also food and craft vendors, live music, and other entertainment options available throughout the festival. Fiestas de Zapote is a unique and exciting way to experience Costa Rican culture and tradition.

If you plan to visit The Villa Mariana during the festival, our concierge will assist you in making shuttle reservations to go to/from the villa and the Zapote district.


About the Blogger: Rocky Moss is a passionate traveler and the owner of The Villa Mariana in Costa Rica, which she visits frequently with her husband. As a blogger, she shares her experiences and provides valuable insights to those who are planning to travel to Costa Rica. Her articles are a must-read for anyone who wants to explore this beautiful country and make the most of their trip. Rocky's love for Costa Rica and her expertise in travel make her a trustworthy source for all your travel needs.

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