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Ways to Save at the Gas Pump

Updated: Mar 7

Gas prices have continued to rise sharply at pumps across the country. Here are some ways to save at the pump so that you can continue to plan your travel to create memories with family and friends.

Fuel Rewards

This is a third-party loyalty program specifically for Shell gas stations. Once you get to know the program and tailor a few shopping patterns, it’s not too hard to build up enough fuel rewards (earned in cents off per gallon) to make your next trip to the pump more affordable.

You can sign up for instant Gold status, which gets you 5 cents off per gallon on your first fill-up. This stacks with any additional Fuel Rewards you earn — all the way up to making gas nearly free.

Fuel Rewards has dozens of national partners where you can use a linked credit card to shop and earn cents off per gallon on your next fill-up. There is also a dining rewards program, shopping portal and plenty of promo offers (like T-Mobile Tuesdays) to earn Fuel Rewards.

Shop through the online portal and earn at least 5 cents per gallon. Link your Dunkin’ rewards account and earn an additional 10 cents per gallon. Eat at your favorite local restaurant in the dining rewards program and earn 10 cents per gallon.

With those savings, in addition to having Gold status, your next fill-up without even trying will be at least 30 cents off per gallon. All Fuel Rewards fill-ups are capped at 20 gallons and once you start pumping, your savings are used, whether you pump 1 gallon or 20.

Get the app here.


This third-party app hit the scene a couple of years ago and has expanded significantly. It now includes restaurants and grocery store rewards as well as savings at the pump. You can claim offers in the app to save a certain number of cents per gallon.

After you claim an offer, you have four hours to fill up at the specific station you selected, using a linked credit card. Cash back earned from the fill-up will then be placed in your GetUpside account, which you can cash out whenever you like. One upside to GetUpside is that fill-ups with savings are good for up to 50 gallons. Wait until your car is empty and then fill up on the same pump simultaneously. (Remember not to put the handle back on the pump between cars or that will end your fill-up and your savings).

Get the app here.

Pay with GasBuddy

The Pay with GasBuddy program continues to evolve rapidly and get better. It used to offer Shop Your Way points, but now it offers several levels of cash savings per fill-up. It has recently introduced deals you can claim at specific gas stations right before you fill up, as well as a “gas back” shopping portal in the app.

Payment occurs with a physical card GasBuddy mails you that is connected to your checking account. You pay with it at the pump. The amount you pump, minus any GasBuddy savings, is deducted from your checking account.

Get the app here.

Grocery Store Fuel Points

Almost every nationwide grocery store has its own fuel points program or has partnered with an existing national gas station brand’s program to offer fuel savings for your grocery shopping.

Kyle and I use Kroger here in the South and between regular family grocery shopping and taking advantage of 4x fuel points on gift cards, it’s pretty easy to max out the $1 per gallon savings the program allows. You can even buy third-party gift cards from the Kroger gift card-specific website. It regularly has gift cards for sale at a discount or with 4x fuel points earnings.

Stack the Savings

You can stack two or more of the above programs on a single fill-up to compound savings and make gas particularly cheap. Here are a few strategies:

  • Fuel Rewards (Shell gas stations) plus Pay with GasBuddy: The two programs operate independently of each other, allowing you to lower the price at the pump with Fuel Rewards. You’ll then have less cash than you pump deducted from your checking account when paying at a Shell station with your GasBuddy card. If you earn enough Fuel Rewards to make fill-up basically free, GasBuddy still gives you the savings based on the pre-discounted price of the Shell gas — meaning you can make a profit filling up your tank with gas.

  • Kroger plus Pay with GasBuddy: The same principle as above applies when filling up for a discount using Kroger Fuel Points and then paying with your GasBuddy card.

  • Stacking with Amex Offers: From time to time, American Express offers promotions on gas stations. For instance, we’ve seen Amex offer 400 bonus Membership Rewards points when spending $40 on gas. These stack with gas station and third-party loyalty programs, though you must pay with the Amex card you linked the offer to. As such, you can’t stack Amex Offers with Pay with GasBuddy.

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